4 M’s to motivation: The secret you never heard

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Nov 21, 2017 · 2 min read

Motivation is the fuel that drives everyones choices in life. In general, whether people know it or not, we're motivated by 4 things: materialism, mastery, movement, and mating. The order of these 4 vary person to person contingent what they deem important. {A simple way to remember is to think of these as the 4 M's to motivation.}

Materialism... is basically money and possessions. If you are the type of person that primarily need to buy things or have a burning desire to show things off, you are motivated by materialism. You love to show off and see the expressions on others' faces when they see what you have now.

Mastery... is the competitive desire to be the best of a category when measured by a specific metric. The most important metric is effort and if you like stacking up your efforts next to others for the exposure of your hard work, then mastery is something you are motivated by. The desire to dominate life by being the best at what you do is something you deeply care about.

Movement... is the desire to do what you want to do when you want to do it (even if that means living poor and saving). Almost all successful entrepreneurs are motivated by movement. This is when you cannot cope with being a follower or employee because you have to be in charge. Or you are a temporary follower or employee for "the right" person that fits your needs perfectly. But mostly, movement is for the people that loves to be solo and take on the world.

Mating... is the desire to cultivate relationships with friends, family, and romance. It brings you lots of pleasure making everyone feel good and just chilling together. People motivated by mating usually love going out and having a good time, either with close family or friends. This means you probably crave an amazing relationship and long term commitment (marriage) one day.

It's best to put these in order from most important to least important because on some level, everyone is motivated by all four. Our life's​ultimate happiness will derive from, being driven by motivation of what do we want to accomplish and have (tangibly or intangibly) before we die.


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