Haters are Indicators! Peep this…

Haters is one of the most important indicators you're actually doing something worthwhile. However, many people wouldn't even understand how to tell if a person is a hater. In this post, I'll explain the 5 types of haters and the 3 different types of hate.

The angry hater

This hater always have something to say about you. They never hide their dislike for you. It's clear and obvious. Most people can take pride in having such a hater of this type because it's a clear sign of competence and an unusual compliment.

The silent hater

This hater is the polar opposite of the angry hater. This hater knows almost everything about you but you would never know they know. This hater is sneaky, sometimes a stalker. The silent hater is the most dangerous. Often, serial killers are silent haters. Be careful with this type.

The know-it-all hater

The most irritating hater. This hater has nothing at all going for their life but yet finds the time to always criticize you and give you unwanted advice. They love to argue just for the sake of arguing. Even on very petty things, they will always blow things out of proportion just to make you feel bad, thus not succeed.

The one-up hater

This hater basically waits for you to make your move so they can one-up you. They love competing with you even if you didn't know they was competing against you. Their satisfaction derives from beating you.

The best friend hater

This hater is the close hater. They know almost everything about you. Unlike the silent hater, they can wear many faces and primarily chooses to build a close bond with you despite their jealousy. Every achievement or milestone in your life trigger negative emotions from them, but y'all relationship stays together through your forgiveness. You know they aren't good in your life but you either have a long past or so entangled in their life, you feel it's hard to disassociate.

3 different types of hating

1) The obvious hate. This type of hate is pure negative. No constructive criticism, just a clear example of bad vibes. Obviously, you are not cool with such person. Whenever people have "beef" , their hate is usually obvious.

2) The low-key hate. This hate pretends to like you but they really don't. In a low-key way, it's hate behind your back. These are so called frenemies. Show up as friends but secretly hates. The person who has low-key hate is not a close friend but y'all know enough about each other to be cool when it's convenient.

3) The conflicted hate. "Hater" may be too strong of a word for this person given that they came in your life as a result of a specific circumstance or just have been in your life a long time. But this hate only come from those that know they have a strong bond with you. They also know their opinion matters to you on some level. It may not matter all the time, but many times it does.

Hating is not meant to be confused with jealousy, because jealousy is usually the beginning stages of hate. Jealousy or envy is usually also wanting what someone else has. Hating is also wanting what someone else has while also bringing them down in a low-key, obvious, or conflicted way.

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