Movies Lie: 3 ways Millionaires get money today

Most millionaires are portrayed incorrectly in movies. The average person still doesn't have a clue that most jobs will not pay you that well to take out a mortgage for "that big" house in the movie, or that fancy car. Movies show rich people with normal jobs seemingly living large but in reality this is how you really live large.

3 ways: you build a brand (personal or non-personal) to sell your service, you sell products (either online or offline), or you help others reach high sales numbers with their services or products.

There are some others but these three ways are by far the most popular. So if you really want to be wealthy in real life, focus on mastering one of more of these three things. Some millionaires just master one of them but some do all three, it's really up to you.

However, the point is that most millionaires ain't working no 9-5. Their job is just their own business in which they put in 12-16 hour days. It's call work.

Also, most millionaires are smart with their money (which is why they have so much). Thus, they are usually not as likely as you would think to "live large" in some big house with a fancy car. The shocking truth is that more than 50% of all millionaires live in houses or apartments like normal people driving affordable vehicles. Yep, they just don't do what normal people do. They are ordinary people with an extraordinary job.

So just because you don't see everyones' account balance, don't judge too quickly. Absence of evidence doesn't mean evidence of absence.