Psychology behind 3 thoughts that holds you back

These 3 things usually hold most people from success or happiness in life. The quicker we can get over these 3 things, the quicker our success and happiness will come. But we have to make a choice, a decision to change. Often times, we don’t change until the pain of staying the same is greater than the pain of change.

Past Successes: Previous victories are in the past, and our focus should never be there because we have no effect on what’s already happen. We can only influence what’s going to happen (in the future). There are lots of old guys that are quick to brag about how amazing they were back in high school playing football or basketball. Also, there are lots of old women quick to brag about how beautiful they used to look before the kids and all the heads they used to turn. It’s all in the past. We must look forward and move on to the next adventure or challenge to conquer.

Only doing the minimum: People often get stuck in “commitment and consistency bias” and fall victim to what’s known as sunk costs fallacy. Just because you’ve always been doing something, doesn’t mean it’s the best option every time because in life, different event and opportunities are mutually exclusive. So we should aim to make the best decision concerning each opportunity. Some cases, with things mostly irrelevant, the bare minimum would be okay. But with something of great importance, we need to do more than expected. Lets’ surprise ourselves.

Insecurities: Caring to much what people think is a massive flaw that holds so many people back from truly bringing value to the world. The world miss out on greatness because someone cares about the opinions of a few people that really don’t matter anyway. It’s crazy. Once you fall in love with your abilities, and goal, you won’t care so much about the opinions of others. Especially, as you overcome the fear of failure. Fear of failure often means fear of failure in front of someone. You’re afraid that if you try something and it don’t turn out well, that person (or people) opinion will hurt you emotionally.

If people can get control of these thoughts, they will be unstoppable and mentally ready to achieve anything .