Psychology behind finding your true passion

A lot of people often have little to no self-awareness and aren’t sure exactly which career field should they really be doing. They understand that’s its a tragedy to become good at the wrong thing. So how do people go about finding that RIGHT thing that they should be doing for the world? How does someone find their true passion?

First and foremost, lets keep it simple. How did you find out your favorite type of foods at restaurants or what type of clothes looks good on your body? You have to try them out. So the first step when you don’t know what you should do or what path you should take, you should first try a bunch of things.

Trying a bunch of things is sometimes the THING you should be doing. The quickest way to find out what you like to do is by doing what you don’t like to do. Because while doing what you don’t like, your brain is going to tell you what you’ll rather be doing at the moment. And that’s exactly where your heart want to go.

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