Psychology behind fitness narcissism

In general, we all have some level of narcissism in us. However, there are different types of narcissism and fitness people generally fall in love with two of the types more than others. Those two are vanity and exhibitionism.

Vanity is simply the love for your own appearance and image, especially whenever you see your reflection. People with a lot of vanity really see themselves as one of the most beautiful people in the world. And, as the body gets in better shape, self-confidence goes up. Which ultimately leads to more vanity.

Exhibitionism is the desire to draw attention towards oneself. So some people with fit booties or muscles love turning heads. Nothing wrong with looking your best at all or showing it off with tight shirts or pants. But obsessions with needing to go out and turn heads every time can cause mental problems, when sometimes you may go out and don’t turn as many heads. Are not as pretty? Have you lost some gains? Those are some questions that comes to mind with people who have lots of exhibitionism.

Compared to other types of narcissism, vanity and exhibitionism aren’t really bad but if not understood carefully, it can lead to flawed mental thoughts and assumptions.