In July of 2015 I was invited to deliver a speech on ‪the ‎luxury‬ ‪‎brand‬ ‪‎management‬ strategies at the Fulya Turkuaz 2420 Rotary club’s meeting at the Four Seasons Hotel in Istanbul.

Here are four video excerpts from it:

The inner Know-Why is the new Know-How

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Purpose is the Know-Why. And in today’s day and age, Know-Why is the new know-how. But understanding, articulating and knowing your Purpose is more than just possessing knowledge. It represents the intellectual essence of your raison d’être.

The Guiding Purpose Strategy is a stimulating deep-dive into the transformational power of Purpose. …

Declaration of Rights

and Independence

of Subcultures

The PDF of the Declaration can be viewed from the following link:


Our definition of subcultures encapsulates micro cultures within subcultures (i.e. Writers — Poets, Business writers, News Journalists etc.) A higher definition of subcultures applies everywhere the word ‘subculture’ is used in our declaration. Just because a group of people gathers regularly and shares a set of opinions it does not make them a subculture. In order to define what is a subculture it is instructive to clarify what is not a subculture:

For instance, vodka is an important part of Russian culture. There are collectible vodka items/brands and there are rare or niche vodka collectors and connoisseurs. Nevertheless, all of these components do not make up a subculture of vodka yet because there is no strong value system and networks preserving it around the world. …

Written by Tofig Husein-zadeh

Dedicated to John Walker & Sons

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Invisible Aristocrat

“Visibilia ex invisibilibus is the Latin motto which reminds that all that is visible in our life, all that we see and touch, what we call reality, comes from our invisibility, ideas and dreams.”

Stefano Elio D’Anna

It all began with the inevitable question — who is the Invisible Aristocrat? I must say there is no language on our planet that has enough words to describe the invisible aristocrat — the Greatest observer from a different time realm. As he is a nobleman, he is the creator of values. An enthusiast of haute bohème way of life with a hedonist way of thinking. His raison d’être is to revive the lost language. He is aware that the aristocratic thought is a lost art and so for the sake of a higher purpose it is his dream to revive and protect the values of an enlightened class. The connoisseur of spectacular realities in deceptive poetry and symbolist art. The invisible aristocrat is a student in the school of meta-luxury and a teacher in the academy of illumination. He has been walking in a timeless journey for centuries leaving milestones behind and expressing the importance of pleasure rather than freedom and power instead of money. Similar to the notion of time he isn’t showing signs of stop. Similar to the notion of time the invisible aristocrat is always in movement, always walking forward. …

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  • Introduction
  • Unconscious Code
  • Insiders
  • Meaning Systems
  • Relationship with Fire
  • High Psychographics Analysis
  • The Cult


This semiotics report is a product that came out of conducting in-depth semiological analysis of the Inner City of Baku that is also called the Old City or the Walled City (Orig. Ichari Shahar or Icheri Sheher). It is neither a mere city center nor it is ‘downtown’ of Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan. The Inner City is the historical core of Baku, classified as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. This report systematically decodes symbols, meaning systems and archetypal structures and examines the relationship between the Inner City and the Inner City Bakuvians including the intelligentsia, nobility, aristocracy etc. Using semiological instruments, it is the first analytical work that explores the high psychographics of the Inner City and that unearths unconscious socio-psychological and socio- cultural data.

See full report:

Standard anatomical and physiological approaches to vision have not been able to explain perception. So as an alternative we may be able to provide an explanation by standing back and considering what the phenomenology of what we see is trying to tell us about how vision works.

People have repeatedly shown many times over the last 150 years that the length that we attribute to a line depends very much on its orientation. One plausible explanation may be that the Ponzo effect comes from the unconscious perception of the position of the black lines. The reason why the red line on top looks longer than the red line on the bottom is the fact that they are viewed in relation to the position and/or the orientation of the black lines. …

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Tofig Husein-zadeh

Tofig Husein-zadeh is a psychographics researcher, business writer, speaker, translator and luxury brand strategist.

He was born in 1989 in Baku, Azerbaijan. In the age of six, he and his family moved to Istanbul, Turkey where he went to the Russian Federation Consulate School. It was a very small school in which most of the students were children of diplomats and officials of various Russian speaking countries.

In 2007, he moved to the US to study in the Penn State University’s College of Communications. PSU, a university famous for its research, was the right place at the right time for him because during those years the media was exploding. The new media was becoming bigger than the traditional media. New global movements as WikiLeaks and Occupy Wall Street were triggered by the social media for the first time. Entire media systems around the globe began going through fundmental changes. In PSU he studied the mass and the niche media, marketing and advertising, the global media systems, media effects on behavior of individuals and of society in general. In the Fall semester of 2008 he was in the Dean’s List with a 4.0 GPA. On parallel as a second (minor) degree he also studied Russian Linguistics and Culture. During his student years he founded the Brand Management & Strategies Club which consisted of a few dozens of PSU students from various majors. …

Trend Among the HNWI & Entrepreneurs

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Today, there is a strong tendecy among successful entrepreneurs and the HNWIs (High Net Worth Individuals) to deliver speeches. They enjoy and value speaking in front of an audience and they choose to do it rather often. Like never before, the notions of both presentation and lecture have become weaker than the notion of speech. What is the motivation of certain HNWIs and entrepreneurs that are so interested in perfroming speeches? Why are they so motivated to motivate others? Do the entrepreneurs speak because they are succesful or are they succesful because they speak?

The communication analyst and Member of the Order of Canada, Marshall McLuhan said: “Words are complex systems of metaphors and symbols that translate experience into our uttered or outered senses.” Talk is cheap but carefully picked words speak. Elocution isn’t enough anymore which is why, today, the most practical tool of a speaker is brand semiotics. …

…a Fine watch is for the body and Time, my son, is for the soul.

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Tofig Husein-zadeh at the Fine Watch Exhibition 2014, Saatchi Gallery, London

I was invited to the Fine Watch Exhibition 2014, which was held in the Saatchi Gallery, London. Connoisseurs, members of the British intelligentsia, collectors, authors, CEOs, renowned British families attended the event which lasted for three days and no one wanted it to end. The archetypal image of a Renaissance watchmaker was reborn in our minds. The ghost of the very first master horologist was in the air and it was as if we were all breathing it together. During these three days I, once again, confirmed that no matter how often the world changes, how fast it moves, how disruptive it is, the tradition of watchmaking is so powerful that it will keep preserving its timelessness. …

High Psychographics

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from Hermès “Black Rider”

Being a luxury strategist has several complexities primarily because one explores perhaps the most difficult question in the history of business communications which is what do those who have almost everything in the world really want along with the more mysterious question that is WHY do they want it. High psychographics is, by far, one of the most practical tools to demystify the why question for the luxury brand managers around the globe.

High psychographics is an exceedingly interdisciplinary methodology of research which is conducted before constructing luxury market segments or dividing the market into luxury consumer groups. The methodology is never multidisciplinary, but always interdisciplinary because it examines not only a large number of fields but also the relationships between them. Some of these fields are: cultural anthropology, symbolism, environmental psychology, linguistics, ancient history, futurology, system dynamics, philosophy, biology, behavioural economics, psychoanalysis, neuroscience etc. …


Tofig Husein-zadeh

Penn State alumnus | ex-Writer of Harvard Business Review | Founder of The Intelligentsia magazine | Luxury Strategist

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