Tofig Husein-zadeh
Jan 26, 2016 · 3 min read

Declaration of Rights

and Independence

of Subcultures

The PDF of the Declaration can be viewed from the following link:


Our definition of subcultures encapsulates micro cultures within subcultures (i.e. Writers — Poets, Business writers, News Journalists etc.) A higher definition of subcultures applies everywhere the word ‘subculture’ is used in our declaration. Just because a group of people gathers regularly and shares a set of opinions it does not make them a subculture. In order to define what is a subculture it is instructive to clarify what is not a subculture:

For instance, vodka is an important part of Russian culture. There are collectible vodka items/brands and there are rare or niche vodka collectors and connoisseurs. Nevertheless, all of these components do not make up a subculture of vodka yet because there is no strong value system and networks preserving it around the world.

In contrast, Scotch whisky has a subculture that began in Scotland and has spread around the globe. Today, the subculture has almost become a cult with societies, symbols, myths, heroes, rituals, traditions, etc.

Standard bikers who are not involved with any biker networks, as, i.e. Harley Davidson’s, are not members of the bikers’ subculture.

Some of the famous subcultures are based on the following goods, professions, arts and lifestyles: coffee artisans, chocolate enthusiasts, antique car collectors, cigar lovers, vinyl collectors, start ups, writers, entrepreneurs, travelers, jazz musicians, diplomats, scholars, art collectors, ‘bookworms’, wine connoisseurs, cyber insiders, master craftsmen, high horology enthusiasts, dandies, street artists, deep house DJs, golf players etc.

Cultures are larger than most subcultures. This, however, doesn’t allow cultures overshadow or domineer any subcultures. No culture can be the authority of a subculture.


· There are great risks, challenges and threats that endanger the subcultures around the world.

· The rights, the role and the very existence of subcultures need to be further legitimized in the international affairs.

· The value system of a subculture is shared internationally. Coffee is not only a subculture of, say, Brazilian or Ethiopian culture. Scotch whisky is not only a subculture of Scottish culture. Guardians of these subcultures are worldwide and of diverse heritage. Therefore, subcultures are important, as they are both local and universal.

· If subcultures are forgotten or don’t get the attention they deserve, they can disappear.

· This is a matter of global cultural diplomacy in the 21st century globalization.

· It concerns the preservation of humanity’s heritage over the long period of time as we move up and onwards to our far future.

· In order to better deal with the challenges related to humanization during and after the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Patronage of subcultures around the world is an integral component of global citizenship.

· Enrichment of the general culture depends on the continuous progress and R&D within subcultures.

· The future of any modern culture depends on life and strength of its subcultures.

· Recognition of the fact that what Singapore is to Malaysia or what Monaco is to France, analogically, a subculture needs to be so for a culture.

· Every country needs a Ministry of Subculture developing policies and sustainability models for the financial independence of subcultures.

· The niche marketers need to become the mediators in bridging and balancing big business and society with niche endeavors, projects and programs that are important for the existence of subcultures.

· The tension between local and global, unique and chain businesses needs to be cured.

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