12 Things I wished I knew before I became a mother

1) everything you hear about babies being easy is a lie! Some days they fuss and some days they are like an angel. I suspect probably they are going through some growth spurt and developmental changes.

2) there’s no more 9am-5pm working hours. You work for your baby 24 hours. The only time you can sleep is when your baby sleeps. The day becomes extra long and it doesn’t seem to end.

3) you don’t have time to shit in peace when the urge comes. You just have to wait till your baby sleeps so you can shit or shower or do anything.

4) breastfeeding!!! Nobody told me it was so hard! I thought that you just shove the boob at the baby and she will be happily sucking. But no.. not all babies can latch well and it causes you tons of pain on your nipples. My nipples bled till it was all over her face and clothes.

5) so if you still want to give your baby breast milk, you can pump out your milk. Easy right? Not really. Your life seems to be controlled by your pump schedule. If you don’t let out your milk, your boobs will become rock hard and it will cause you loads of pain and discomfort. You can even get a fever! And this scary thing called mastitis. Your boobs is no longer yours, it’s a milking machine. You have to bring your pump everywhere. Pump in the car, then you have to keep it chilled quickly.

6) so much knowledge to learn about storing breast milk. Like you have to keep it chilled or frozen. When it expires and when it is ok to drink. When you go out, you have to put your milk in a cooler bag and warm it later. Or I just warm it up and keep it warm in a warmer bag so when she wants it, she can have it.

7) you also become lazy to doll yourself up or wear something nice. Probably you also don’t have time to do that. Anyway your baby may puke on your nice dress. You have to look for clothes that you can fish out your boobs easily. That’s where your range of clothes becomes nursing bra and nursing wear. My branded bags are sitting in my cupboard because now I carrying around a diaper bag. And this is a huge huge change for me as if you know me, dolling up and looking pretty is my thing that I enjoy.

8) there no more time for husband and wife date nights or even catching dinner or lunch with friends unless there’s someone helping you to take care of your baby or you bring baby out. Bringing baby out with friends can be a hassle as you never know when she may start fussing or needs a feeding or diaper change. You have to take turns to eat when you are out. You can never eat in peace unless your baby is nice enough to sleep while you are eating. You also have to learn how to be thick skin and let others judge you for letting your baby cry out loud in public.

9) there are days where you are so down either due to hormones or your mind playing tricks with you. Some days I just need to cry especially when days I just don’t know why she is being fussy. I feel as helpless as she does. All the picture of happy mothers with their babies just flood your mind and you think why can’t you be happy too? I just have to remind myself that as long as Lexi is healthy, it’s ok that she’s fussy at times. Been hearing about how some mothers struggle as Their babies are born pre mature or with some medical issue. I have to be thankful for her powerful lungs that cries.

10) every advice that is given to you is good advice that you can try but sometimes it just doesn’t work for your baby. people would say “oh don’t carry so often” “just put her down and let her cry” , use a sarong, use a rocker, use a pacifier, use this use that. Im not sure what to do. Honestly i just try my best to go with my gut feeling?

11) when people say , you know last time this baby and that baby very easy one. Or like u know who and who the baby can even go out with us to karaoke and just sleep through. So fussing at all. Made me feel thousand times worse. Thanks! Just gotta learn to let it go.

12) It’s a new job that you cannot get out of. It’s forever and you can’t quit.

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