And so yesterday i was suddenly crying in the showers again. Facebook reminded me of how Chio I looked 5 years ago as compared to now, The disheveled, crazy mother look. I got a bit sad again. After a good cry. I tried to think positive again. Do a little cognitive behavioral therapy for myself. But still it didn’t work.

After pregnancy your body kind of becomes unrecognizable. I’ve got a flabby tummy with ugly stretch marks (spent like $$$ on clarins stretch mark cream but didn’t work for me) and huge boobs that are filled with milk. Arms are flabby. You can’t really go on a diet because it kind of affects your breast milk supply and you are always ferociously hungry after each pumping session. By pumping I mean milk pumping, not push ups.

Now my life is hooked onto my new best friend, my breast pump. Each day I have to pump 6 times 4 hourly. So there goes sleep and social life. If I meet you my friends. I’m so sorry that now I become a little time constrained. I can only meet you for 4 hours before I have to pump again.

So what happens if I don’t pump, my boobs get rock hard and it becomes so painful that you wish you didn’t have boobs.

But anyways going back to yesterday. Since I was in a really down mood, I decided to be brave and take Lexi out for a walk. I waited till she finished her feed, burped and had a diaper changed. Changed into my sporty wear, put her in the car seat and attached it to the wheels. I wheeled her around the house like a mad woman for her to get used to it then when finally she stopped complaining, I took her out.

I felt free!!!! Went to walk around in the park. She was happily sleeping in the car seat the entire time. Success in my new job. Hopefully this little successes helps with my mood.

Bringing her to orchard ion mall tonight. Wish us lots of luck.

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