It’s been a month??!!

I just realized it has been a month since my last post. And so what have I been busy with?

We went to Phuket!

Never in my wildest dreams I would imagine bringing my boss to Phuket. It was kind of nerve wrecking for sure. But I think everything turned out quite ok.

Most people would be shocked that we are bringing 3 month old to Phuket but I guess we were desperate to get out and my husband was nice enough to book and plan our trip.

So why did we choose Phuket? Well. It is only one and a half hour flight so even if she were to scream the entire way I guess we just have to tolerate for 1.5 hour.

But it turns out she was fine on the plane. Yay. She slept throughout. So what’s the trick?

Put her to sleep before the flight.

I carried her around in my carrier till she’s sound asleep and then just carried her with me. She slept like a baby.

On the way back she did wake up but I immediately fished out my boobs for her to suck and she went back to sleep after. I think she probably does not realize that she even took the plane.

I think it’s kind of helpful to have these tips when traveling with infant.

1) wear nursing clothes with a big cardigan. The cardigan will act as the nursing cover on the plane.

2) always take the window seat so then when you have to breastfeed, your husband can block others from peeking.

3) bring something comforting that soothes your baby. For boss, it’s her bean pillow and a rattle toy.

4) we brought her bouncer as she’s familiar with it and she likes to sit in there.

5) book a resort with facilities that you can stay in and feel comfortable.

6) good to bring extra help like your parents or in laws

7) be ready to feed baby with boobs everywhere. I fed her on the beach, by the pool, at the restaurant. Baby gotta eat when she wants to eat.

8) bring a range of clothing and extra of everything. And especially ru yi oil.

9) don’t be afraid to let your baby try new things like swimming , touching sand etc it’s actually good for their development.

10)just relax. Everything is going to be ok. And have fun! That’s the purpose of the trip right?