Asian Muslim Influence Needed To Fight Terrorism and Broker Peace in Syria

Asian Muslims represent the vast majority of Muslims in the world. With global terrorist threats like the Islamic State trying to extend their reach into Asia and exasperate pre-existing threats from extremists, Asians have a major stake in the outcome of the Syrian Civil War and the UN effort, which is far too centered Western and Russian interests, to broker a peace deal between warring factions. Unfortunately, the American, Russian-led effort is likely to either fail due to a lack of opposition participation or result in a “no-solution” doomed to failure.

With Western-backed rebels losing their hold on territory, and their ability to block Islamic State takeovers, thanks to Russian intervention, it appears the Assad regime is winning the civil war. In reality, Assad’s gains are simply forcing rebels to embrace guerilla warfare. Unless Russia and Iran are willing to commit hundreds of thousands of troops for decades to bolster Assad’s minority-rule with an anti-insurgency campaign, which the US had to do in Iraq, Assad’s forces will be stretched too thin to defend against IS encroachment. As an unchecked safe haven for jihadists, Syria will become a far more devastating source of instability and violence than it is today.

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