National Security Overreach and the Apathy Encouraging It

When people feel endangered, they tend to forgo their aspirations as they grasp for a sense of security. Where the Bradley Manning Wikileaks and Edward Snowden NSA Revelations had finally pushed Americans beyond the intellectual paralysis brought on by the September 11th terrorist attacks to allow for criticism of National Security overreach, the Ukraine Crisis and the rise of the Islamic State have since overwhelmed those concerns. Given this is an era of widespread political dysfunction, unilateral policymaking, and unresponsive governance, the United States and many other nations are at risk from government overreach.

As the Obama Administration has tried to scare Americans into accepting the Iranian Nuclear Deal, instead of framing it as part of a broader vision for US-Iranian and US-Middle Eastern relations, tensions with China have also been growing while national security issues related to climate change now drive the discussion. Due to this era of national security threats, the world is ripe for government overreach, corruption, and oppression. In fact, America’s national security apparatus has stayed busy even in the wake of so many controversies, which is boldly exemplified by the never-ending stream of national security leaks.


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