Solving Problems with Education: “Soft Skills” and Character Development

School is starting for millions of college students and school children across the United States and around the world. Unfortunately, 72 millions youths throughout the globe do not have access to basic education while millions of students in developed countries, such as the United States, lack access to quality education, which means their ability to access opportunities, which might be available to them, will be limited. They will, in turn, be less likely to prosper in life. That said, a lack of quality education does more than simply deprive students of marketable skill sets; it also stunts them as people.

Hard skills like reading and arithmetic are generally considered the fundamental blocks of a quality education; however, schooling also provides a social learning environment. If we fail to address the need to create better “socializers” in education, society misses out on the “soft skills” that are needed to resolve social issues and conflicts. Given the growing civil discontent and the numerous armed conflicts seen around the world, there is a clear need for community leaders who have the “soft skills” that allow them to develop novel solutions to the world’s problems.