Unfinished: My Best Work So Far

Sometimes i like to leave things unfinished.

On purpose, because doing so kind of vilifies you.

Leaving time to reflect upon your current progress.

And often motivating yourself at the same time as giving you a closer view at things.

Sometimes things are better left unfinished.

As for something to be unfinished.

There must be finality, meaning things end up being a bit, well, 'Final' and as most of us know "There is little in this life that is final.

Apart from the cycle of the planets around our sun.

And the 'negative' topic of our eventual demise, as individuals and/or a race as a whole. Strangely enough though.

Time which we experience every day of our lives and death are inexplicably linked, at the core.

For neither can truly exist without the other.

But the latter almost always remains a taboo subject for some where as time itself as a topic, i have never experienced anybody not wanting to engage in conversation about time.

I like to think about time and space, it frees my mind of its boundaries as a human being.

Allowing it to romance in fantasies about fictional facts turning to reality using nothing but the power of thought alone and grand theories including everything we cannot yet define or explain, and more.

Much more in fact.

Maybe more than most dare to indulge even pondering a single thought process over.

Me on the other hand likes to indulge those thoughts, whether useful or not, they are golden to me.

Yet i don't really understand the meaning of why they feel this way.

I know how i became this way, not why.

We're talking about my thoughts on reality, time, existence, space and human nature, in case we lost track or i started writing one word per line or one letter per line.

But don't take my word for anything, as these words i write,
I tell you now, might not even be true.

But i know we all feel it.

The nature of our own reality.

If i were to be brutally honest.

Its not my brain that is gifted at anything.

Rather my experiences with L.S.D that unlocked part of me that never was there to begin with, and maybe it being the first method i happened upon altering my own state of mind with.

Little did i know it would have lasting effects on the way i think and what i think about and its relation to my thoughts and views of reality as a whole.

Because the experience showed me the building blocks of everything and made them dance around in front and around me seducing me with their rhythmic motions, but the notion of what i had just witnessed was now being overwritten by this motion, this dancing. "How could this be?" I thought.

Life shows me something so golden and special and at just the right period in my life almost like i was pre selected for this experience.

And then in a cruel twist of fate your too distracted by the dancing atoms/blocks around you to make sense of what you just saw.

Original works by Jacob Shires