Why I chose to study communications

Although I’m only just getting into many of major’s classes, there’s a sort of stigma that often clouds communications majors. I’m often asked what exactly I plan on doing with such a degree. And then after I respond to that question, people will typically tell me that they view the communications majors (such as journalism, public relations, etc.) as “typical” or “pointless.”

Despite conversations like these, I don’t feel deterred from my courses, majors, or goals. Communication is a fundamental part of our world. Many jobs and personal activities can be traced back to some form of communication technology, whether print media, television, the World Wide Web, or even cell phones. Whether we like it or not, communication is a large part of our modern world. It’s crucial to study such this subject so that we can better understand and change our world.

While many of my conversations about my major end with people disagreeing about the importance of communications studies, I will always adore my major and be excited about my career path. I’ve come from a family fascinated by communication technologies, including a mom who worked in television news, a dad who works as a news director at a television news station, and a brother with a background in radio technology. Additionally, for as long as I can remember, I have been fascinated by social media and pop culture, so a job fusing these two passions would be something of my dreams.

Ultimately, I think it’s important to study communications because it is the foundation of life, especially within the 21st century. The world sometimes feels smaller and more connected as a result of communications, allowing us to discuss, explore, and learn about other cultures. Communication is also necessary to discuss ideas and create personal relationships and interactions, which are both fundamental aspects of trying to change the world through innovation and creativity. Communications degrees can offer career paths that are both quickly evolving and exciting, in addition to being a necessary part of daily life.