Modern Workplace Culture: The Power of a Business Resource Group

By Carmen Pineiro, Communications Intern, Publicis Health

Starting out in my career, it’s important to be aware of the evolving workforce and the struggles that modern environment creates for employees of varying backgrounds. When we look at the modern workplace culture, we want one that is inviting and inclusive, yet some employees feel that their interests are not being met. Publicis Groupe recognizes this, and it was my pleasure to see those Business Resource Groups (BRG) in action at the “Power of a BRG” panel. BRGs from around the Groupe attended to explain how they advocate for workplace equality.

Egalite, MOCA, Publicis Connects, VivaWomen, VivaWomen of Color and VivaMama were among the business resource groups in the panel discussion, moderated by Robert Camilleri from Publicis Groupe’s Talent Engagement & Inclusion Team. Each group is delineated to specific members within the network advocating inclusion and support by fostering a sense of community among its members. These groups enable employees to have a voice beyond their work roles and influence their work culture by showing support for fellow colleagues.

Passion and curiosity swept the room while the panelists described how they decided to join their respective groups while providing insights on how one can manage and make time to be a significant contributor to the employee’s desired business groups.

Lauren Herman from VivaMama explained that after becoming a mother, she realized the need to advocate for mothers in the workplace. Motherhood and taking advantage of career opportunities are not two correlating factors in women’s lives. Realizing the challenges and difficulties women face in their careers while entering motherhood inspired Lauren to be a part of a group that addressed these issues.

Advocating for diversity and inclusion are primary focuses for the business resource groups but they are certainly not the extent of their work. Community outreach and recruitment are also important focuses. Men Of Color in Advertising (MOCA), a group that focuses on increasing visibility and participation of men of color, offers job shadowing opportunities for high school students interested in advertising. The motive is to enable students to see potential in their future careers and spark motivation while building confidence.

As a student myself, MOCA’s focus on students deeply resonated with me. Job shadowing is such an advantageous opportunity for students. For high school students to experience this opportunity so early in their lives is an influential factor in how they plan their career. It fills me with pride to know that the business groups within our network are so influential within external audiences and that they are impactful internally.

You may feel moved to join a business group, and you may have some questions. How much time does it take? Who joins? What types of things will I need to do?

Within our industry, it is evident that people find themselves tight on time but one thing the panelists made very clear is that everyone can always find alternate routes when deciding to join a BRG. Discussing with your manager is a great first step. Share your values and interest with your manager and explain your interest in joining a particular group. Publicis Groupe encourages employees to join these groups as members and allies.

We have such an array of business resource groups that advocate for employees within our network focusing on recruiting, retention, business development, career navigation, and mentorship. These groups are powerful advocates for diversity and inclusion in our group. If there is anything that has impacted me throughout my time as intern at Publicis Health is how fervent and philanthropic its employees are. It is critical for a modern company to continually evolve its culture to one that is more inclusive of everyone. And, I’m seeing that we continue defining our values throughout our network.

Attending the BRG panel has been very influential and impactful as I found myself signing up for each of the groups’ mailing lists.

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