Rejected article tracking with the CrossRef API

Adam Day
Adam Day
Jun 20 · 4 min read

CrossRef RAT evaluation

Distributions of Levenshtein distance (t_sim) for correct and incorrect results.
correct_yn is the thing we are trying to predict. 1.0 for a correct result and 0.0 for an incorrect one. The ‘correct_yn’ row in the matrix shows how this quantity correlates with other variables. match_all = 1.0 if all author names match on a result, 0.0 if not. cr_score = the score provided by CrossRef with each result. rank = the rank of the result among all results returned by CrossRef. n_days = no. of days on arXiv before journal publication.

The caveats…

Adam Day

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Adam Day

Data scientist working in research communication. #webapps #python #machinelearning #ai

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