Choosing the right CMS for your Adobe Muse Blog

A Checklist For Your Blog Needs

Content marketing has been bringing incredible results to businesses.

Now that Adobe Muse has been a game changer for small and mid-sized business. Adobe Muse web designers deliver creative, standout results. Creative vision isn’t diluted by the transfer of design to backend development; they are created hand in hand.

But managing your content can be tricky.

What you need is a platform that will harness the power of your content, and let you add, edit and change content effortlessly.

When businesses can take the power of Adobe Muse and apply it to dynamic content- their content is gold.

What features are essential for your content management system?

We’ve created a checklist of the most important features Adobe Muse designers and website owners need for their blog.

No Coding Needed

If you’re a Muse web designer or small or mid-sized business owner, you probably don’t want to have to deal with writing lines of code every time you want to adjust your content.

You need a CMS which allows you to create and manage content without writing code.

There are several templates you can use to achieve this. However, this brings us to the next quality -

Creativity Uncompromised

Adobe Muse was built to allow web designers to create websites without compromising on creative integrity. Muse websites start as an empty canvas, custom designed to communicate your brand’s unique message and help your business stand out.

Flexibility and Customization

That’s why it’s disappointing to be limited when it comes to a content management system. Your blog, showcase or gallery deserves the same dedication to creative design, optimized for your business.

Adobe Muse provides flexibility and freedom of design — for your website. Your dynamic content deserves the same standards.

Ease of Use

In order to deliver effective content to your readers often — you need a platform which is seamless, effortless and simple to use. Intuitive platforms allow your content to flow from planned to published, efficiently and constantly.

With a difficult to use system, content slowly ends up being pushed off and relegated to the back of your mind. A simple, intuitive platform integrates well into your monthly, weekly or daily schedule and prioritizes great content production.


Security is imperative for every CMS, of course. Your privacy and content security is a top requirement. You need to know that the safety of your content and sensitive internal documents is always guaranteed.

At Publiz, we recognize that the ability to create without code, creativity, unlimited freedom of design and creativity, an easy to use CMS platform and 100% security are the integral components of a CMS that works successfully for you.

Designing a Publiz blog in Adobe Muse

No need to write a single line of code when designing, setting up, and managing your Adobe Muse blog in Publiz. Use the same Adobe Muse canvas you use to create stellar Muse websites and static content.

Enjoy the same Adobe Muse tools and effects, and when you’re done designing an outstanding blog, integrate it seamlessly to Publiz in one simple step.

The Publiz Platform

Manage your content on an intuitive CMS built exclusively for Adobe Muse content. Publiz is easy, simple and you can become a Publiz management expert in less than an hour.

Publiz hosts your content on Amazon Web Servers. Not only is your content safety at the highest level in the industry, you also experience 99.999% uptime no matter how many visitors flock to your blog at any given time. And when we update your CMS with our frequent updates, improvements and new features — you won’t have to manually update or close Publiz and restart it. No, your CMS is automatically updated every time, providing you with a consistent, high performance platform.

Good luck with your content, and make sure your CMS gives your content the optimized performance it deserves!