Fake Teeth

In the last couple of days I’ve started to become a little bit more accepting of my situation. Due in large part to a lot of shit things happening to lovely people around me lately, none of which remotely deserve it, so that’s served to eradicate my persecution complex somewhat. Bad things happen to good people all the time, on a sliding scale of “a bit turd” to “gargantuan shit pile” and it means precisely nothing. Good things happen to bad people too. It’s an imperfect World that we live in. On that note though, can 2016 quit being such a dick to people I love please?!

While I chickened out of having my upper left first molar pulled today, I know it needs to come out soon so I’ve been mentally preparing myself for what’s to come. My conservative plan at the moment is to hold onto it until my dental implant follow up next month, unless it flares up in the meantime. I’ve decided to try for one implant (or two, depending on the success or failure of the root canal re-treatment and complication of the root fracture) to preserve lower jaw bone, and a three tooth partial prosthesis for the top.

It’s not ideal but as implants don’t have ligaments (lovely little shock absorbers) then a removal upper partial would eliminate the complication of bruxism causing them to fail, or worse still, to shatter my jaw.

Everything I’ve read says that partials are a real challenge and oftentimes people refuse to persevere with them, but I figure that if I can get used to wearing a lump of plastic on my face to help me see, then I can get used to a lump of plastic in my mouth to help me eat.

I can’t change my circumstances, I can only move forward and try to be more forgiving with myself. My dentist says that if I continue looking after my teeth like I am then I’ll have all my front teeth until I’m 80 so it’s helped shift some of the guilt surrounding losing the back teeth. It’s not my fault, and I know that now. I was simply the victim of depression-induced self neglect coupled with astonishingly bad, possibly even unnecessary, dentistry and I can’t be blamed for poor timing and putting my trust in negligent health care professionals.

I’ve spent a lot of time over the last year scouring the internet for information that would bring me comfort and although there’s a lot out there that had the opposite effect, here are some links that I hope might help people in my situation. The people responsible for the links are vibrant and attractive and young, and more importantly they’re not ashamed.

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