Field Observation: Week 6

This past week was definitely and interesting one. I learned something new to add to my teacher toolbox and I can even apply this skill in the rest of my collegiate career. In AP pychology on this past Wednesday, my co-op teacher was doing a lesson on “sketch notes”. Sketch notes are taking your thoughts about your notes and drawingng them in some kind of sequential orer.

Sketch notes can be very helpful, especially for the visual learner. However, even if you are not a visual learner, rewriting your notes in this fashion is an excellent way to remember and learn. My co-op wanted me to complete some sketch notes, and do the lesson that the kids were doing. She wanted to show us how fun it can actually be to sketch your notes, and how effective it was. So I did complete a set of notes on a particular article that was about psychology and memory. My sketch notes were not as good as some of the students work, but that was okay. It showed me that I can still learn from this even though I am not super artistic.

Overall this past week was a truely fun week in the classroom. I got to see the students work, which showed me that they did like the ding sketch notes. I was also able to complete some sketch notes of my own which allowed me to see how it really works, and it works weel. Of course I would not advise using them for everything you learn, simply becuase it takes more time. However, if you are mainly a visual learner then this might be the way to rewrite your notes before a test or things of that nature. In the end, it is a great lesson which a teacher can still get content across to the students while teaching them new techniques to help them in the classroom.