Storytelling is Truly Effective

As of late, In my education class this semester, SED363, we have been talking a lot about the art of storytelling. Storytelling is in fact what you think it is, telling a story. Pretty simple right? Well as it turns out being able to tell stories to students while lecturing about the content that they nees to learn is actually extremely effective.

Every high school student wants to hear stories, even though they may not convey those feelings. It makes them remeber the days of when they were young and in grade school, and when story time was still a thing. It is a fantastic way to keep their attention as well. Most students would prefer not to sit their and listen to a monotone teacher speak directly about the content, especially in a history classroom. Also, it is honestly more fun for the teacher as well. With the short time of experience that I have had with storytelling to a class, it is really fun. You can make up stories, fairytales, myths as long as they have the content in them that is necessary for students to have leared. They can even make their own stories about certain topics too. They can even be shared with the class, whih the students seemed to love.

The main point I am trying to make here is that although you may seem skeptical about the idea of storytelling to a class full of teenagers, don’t be. They enjoy it just as much as you do, and it holds their attention like nothing Ive seen before.

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