Here comes the weekend….Again

How absurd and preposterous would a two weekend week be some would say.Would some agree that this may be somethings of the future .Weekends generate economy bars restaurant family days out shopping and the list goes on.Benefits of a cushion to the stock markets in a volatile market or time to break and have a rethink on planning how to end the week if we need to tweek some issues that need resolving.Wed. Sat sun off

Taking holiday breaks would be so much easy by taking a mon and tue annual leave would set u up from Friday’s to wed off giving u six days to enjoy a much needed break .Why this idea is well taking into consideration the number of people taking time off work with stress quitting and preferring benefits than working .Also if you wanted to take on two jobs to make ends meet this would be the best approach to do so

As we advance well into the 21 century mental well being and avoiding crashing and burning out is something we need to avoid at all cost .The elites and rich are doing it u trickle it down to the masses and productivity will rise .Attention spans and how are brain reacts to a waking up at 6 and finishing at 6 five days in a row need to be investigated we have the technology available all we need is experiment to map brain activities What else is out there to keep us happy in our work enviourment is also a Tapable domain

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