Shopify is now the single largest source of revenue for Steve Bannon’s Breitbart
Nicholas Reville

What a sad and pathetic anti-business, anti-freedom of speech piece of opinion.

These campaigns to ‘destroy’ legitimate businesses and opinions that do not conform to the hegemony of the liberal left and those of the New York Times ought to be illegal — perhaps they are.

The campaigns amount to nothing more than illiberal bullying and intimidation. It used to be called blackmail.

Many people — probably far more than object to the opinions expressed in Breitbart — object to the opinions and ‘fake news’ of their own that the NYT produces.

Shopify is a legitimate business with a legitimate business model that charges its platform users the fee that would normally go to a payment gateway provider. Just like Brietbart, if they were doing something illegal they should be prosecuted, but they don’t deserve to be bullied by people obsessed by shutting down opinions they don’t like.

These businesses have employees and owners with a full spectrum of political opinion. It’s is utterly crass and heartless to think that no one suffers from this bullying of brands.

The blackmail being heartily endorsed here is really just a more cowardly and faceless from of the hypocrisy of those that torched a limo at an ant-Trump rally — only to find that it belonged to a Muslim immigrant trying to establish his small business in the land of the free.