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A&E departments are under increasing pressure, which is leading to high numbers of patients being admitted, according to a new report from the National Audit Office (NAO). As a team of senior clinicians working with accident and emergency we are first to feel that pressure and we are engaging our community.

With 150,000 people dying each year from situations where first aid knowledge could have saved their life, it is apparent that basic training could be the difference between life and death for family members, friends, colleagues, employees or strangers in the street. Pulse Medic is constantly going one step further to ensure it is providing world class training, by working closely with the local NHS trust, Schools we provide discounted CPR and AED training via our social enterprise.

Pulse Medic A London-based group is more than a First Aid training and consultancy company. Its remit is to train everyone in key skills as well as First Aid in the workplace and the community. In addition to providing basic lifesaving skills to businesses and communities, Pulse Medic also teaches resuscitation techniques to staff at NHS hospitals around the UK.


Pulse Medic is now working to provide others emergency lifesaving training to people in London through the British Heart Foundation’s accredited Heartstart program. Nationally, Heartstart has trained more than 2.6 million people in communities and schools around the country to know what to do if someone suffers a heart attack or has been seriously hurt.

  • We believe that clinicians make the best teachers will real life experiences.
  • We believe in giving back and engaging the community.
  • We take Pride in what we do and the delivery of our sessions.
  • All our specialist trainers are HSE-Accredited Senior Doctors and Nurses
  • We will travel to your location to deliver Courses.
  • We are all Senior NHS staff.
  • We also have our own training suites all around the UK.
  • Our prices are more competitive than all our major competitors.
  • View our Pricing Philosophy
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