Hold $PPF and Print Easy $Pulse!

Get massive passive income by simply holding $PPF

About Pulse Printer Financial ($PPF)

Pulse Printer Finance ($PPF) is a community-driven token that is focused on embracing the art of holding through auto-rewarding, anti-dump, and $PLS rewarding mechanisms. Simply hold $PPF and cherish the benefits in the long run!

Embracing the art of holding.

What’s in it for the Holders?

$PPF is a PulseChain-based revolutionary project that aims to provide people with a profitable opportunity of getting massive accumulated rewards by simply holding $PPF. Regular trading has its place but keeping the current market situation into consideration, prioritizing holding could be the safest bet.

$PPF does not only ensures stability for the holders but also captivates daily traders through hyper-deflationary tokenomics!


Below are some of the features that make $PPF worthy of your attention!

Pulse Rewards

6% of all transactions are redistributed in $PLS to all the holders of $PPF. The process is done automatically and the holders can get full-fledged details via the dashboard.


With the addition of the Auto-rewards mechanism, you wouldn’t have to manually claim the rewards as they would automatically be stored in your wallet on regular basis.

Anti-dump Lock

Worried about whales selling significant sums of tokens in a single transaction? Then worry no more as the Anti-dump lock prohibits the whales from selling no more than 0.1% of their total supply.

Token Burn

To make the token hyper-deflationary, 2% of each transaction will be permanently burned for the buyback of $PPF.

Automatic LP

In order to make $PPF sustainable and stable for the future, 2% of every transaction will be used for the liquidity pool contribution.

For the Community

Our ambition is to serve the community through a revolutionary PulseChain-based project!


Hyper-deflationary tokenomics to grow $PPF exponentially!

$PPF Tokenomics

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