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Dear Pundians,

Thank you for participating and supporting Pundi X 3rd anniversary celebration campaigns! We are pleased to announce the winners as follows:

🎁 30,000 NPXS award


🎁 Pundi X 3rd anniversary hoodies award


🎁 30% off coupon for Pundi X merchandise shop


🎁 3rd anniversary special award


To claim your award, please send a direct massage including your Telegram account ID and email address to Pundi X Official Twitter account. We will be of your service.

A hearty congratulation to the winners and our deep appreciation to all participating Pundians!

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Dear Pundians,

The token removal for Q4 2020 is completed. We took out approximately 45.6 million tokens (27.9 million NPXS and 17.7 million NPXSXEM tokens) from their respective total supplies.

After the Q4 token removal, the total supply of NPXS is now 258,498,693,019.0699 and the total supply NPXSXEM is 44,770,921,916.24.

Here are the links of the execution hashes:

27,947,281.50 NPXS tokens were removed from its total supply permanently.

Also, 17,713,065.74 NPXSXEM tokens were taken out from its total supply permanently. You can check out the execution on Binance Chain at

Q1 2021 token removal schedule

The supply of NPXS and NPXSXEM are deflationary based on the utilization across Pundi X products and services. The team has removed token supply since 2018. …

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Dear Pundians,

Thank you for your time to participate in the Q4 2020 report video session.

For those who miss the livestream, you can catch the video here:

Here’s the agenda of report.

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As the holiday season quickly approaches, the urge to give creative and inspiring gifts goes stronger than ever. After all, there are a number of typical gifts people have come to expect come Christmastime: mugs, socks, neckties, and gift cards for example. While it’s certainly the thought that counts, do these really excite anyone?

Why not then consider giving cryptocurrency as a Christmas gift?

Aside from the fact that it’s certainly unique (although the past few years have seen it slowly entering the mainstream, as more and more shops are accepting Bitcoin as payment, you’d be giving someone a great way to grow their assets. It’s been pointed out, for example, that certain cryptocurrency could be a better store of value than paper money especially as worldwide inflation threatens to reach unprecedented levels because of the COVID-19 pandemic. …

Supporting DAI deposit with bank transfer, debit cards and Apple Pay

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Ramp, a UK company responsible for developing infrastructure for cryptocurrency apps, has worked with Pundi X to improve the on-ramp experience for XPOS distributors and merchants. Using their technology and expertise, Ramp will provide XPOS users a way to deposit DAI with EUR or GBP via their bank accounts, debit cards and Apple Pay. This makes it easier for XPOS merchants not only to accept another form of cryptocurrency, but also to reach a new audience of cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

Since the company’s founding in 2017, Ramp has worked steadily to empower a world fueled by open networks. Their work primarily consists of using open banking application programming interfaces (API) to connect crypto with fiat, just as they have for the DAI/EUR and DAI/GBP pairs. The company’s end goal is to bring about a society where everyone can exchange crypto as easily as surfing the Internet. Ramp’s aims make them an especially desirable partner for Pundi X. …

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ARRO is a social media token that aims to be a solution to the need for secure and decentralized cryptocurrencies. How it works is that ARRO pays users for using social media, giving them back ARRO tokens for posting or even simply watching advertisements. This system ensures that ownership of content and data is given back to its creators.

ARRO tokens will now be listed on XPOS platform and the XWallet app. Furthermore, Arro is also one of the XPOS distributors in the US.

“The presence of ARRO on XPOS devices allows for ARRO to be used in a number of brick-and-mortar stores all over the world. It provides users with a ready, practical way to spend tokens on a number of goods and services,” says Phil Simpkins, President of Arro Universal. …

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Dear Pundians,

Black Friday is finally here. We have prepared the sweetest deal for all distributors and merchants. If you are a business owner and would like to kick off your crypto journey, this is exactly the deal that you shouldn’t miss :)

Starting from now to Cyber Monday, Nov 30 (23:59:59 EST), you can get a XPOS refurbished at US$0!

This is the best promotion sale ever and is only limited to 10 devices. So hurry up and go to the ONLY official link for this special purchase (please also stay alert and beware of scammers):

  1. Go to…

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Pundi X is a blockchain-based fintech company that’s making blockchain tech accessible to everyone and to make everyday life better. We operate globally in 7 different countries with diverse team and skills. Most of our team members are focused in R&D sector. Our products have been shipped to over 25 countries including Argentina, Australia, Colombia, Ghana, South Korea, South Africa, Switzerland, Taiwan, Uganda, USA and more, while our app has crossed 700 000+ registered users.

What you’ll do

We have many exciting projects going on. …

Happy third anniversary, Pundians!

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Three years have gone by so fast! The Pundi X Team have definitely reached many milestones in this short amount of time, even more so in the previous year. We remain on track towards our goal of putting blockchain into the mainstream, but the path towards that is met with a large obstacle―the COVID-19 pandemic. With much of our old ways being put to a halt due to limitations on mobility and physical interactions, it undeniably has become a very challenging time for everyone.

As we navigate and adjust to the “new normal”, we continue to support not just other businesses, but also mere individuals, organizations, and even governments in their quest to integrate blockchain and cryptocurrencies into their lives. Even in the midst of uncertainty, we’re always on the move to help everyone make the most out of their blockchain experience. …

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Starting November, we will be working with Merkle Science, a leading provider of blockchain transaction monitoring and intelligence solutions, to prevent the illicit use of cryptocurrencies through our platform. Merkle Science provides transaction monitoring solution to authenticate, validate, and perform risk assessments related to transactions on the blockchain. Merkle Science’s solutions will enable the tracking of provenance (where funds originated from) and risk monitoring (by flagging high-risk entities/addresses).

These efforts will be in addition to prior initiatives by Pundi X to ensure only legitimate transactions take place on the blockchain. For example, Pundi X has already instituted mandatory Know Your Customer procedures on its XWallet app in order to comply with guidelines set by the Monetary Authority of Singapore. …


Pundi X (writers)

Writers for Pundi X:

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