I know you are not American.

Its like your decision is already made so no logic can make a difference. If Bernie Sanders was duped by the Democrats & Hillary, what does it show. And how much spine did Bernie show anyways?

You talk about ‘conducting themselves a decent human beings’? Is that all it takes? Even if their agenda is more dangerous than any foul-mouthed, racist guy? That’s why I said, you should read a little about Islamic history. It will make Hitler look like child’s play.

You talk about Trump not really being a popular president and being a racist because a majority of the whites voted for him. If the whites vote for someone who they think is better for them, that’s not democracy? That’s racism? Funny! Because I don’t see anybody say that when 98% blacks voted for Obama. That’s not racism? Why all the moral and ethical norms for only Trump. because he’s white? That smells like racism to me. And so does the minority appeasement by Hillary, bending over backwards for the dollar rich muslims. Its a dangerous game Hillary was playing only for self aggrandizement, without any thought for her country. But I don’t mean for 1 sec that Trump should be left alone to do as he pleases. Giving him a fair chance & then judging him is what democracy is all about.

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