Guide for dating a cat lover

They are loveable; they are playful, they are most certainly cute…but what about their cat?? Cats are known to be the infamous best buddies of singles. Hence, there are high chances that you will come across many cat lovers while you are searching for a partner. Everyone loves cats; the present day Brits do, and so do ancient Egyptians.

The perfect match??

It is proven that a house cat, usually, spends around 70% of its time sleeping. So you think owning a cat must be easy, well think again. It will certainly not be easy if your cat has chosen to sleep on the sofa where you were going to curl up with your date. Or you can be in trouble if kitty’s new favorite bed is your laptop’s warm keyboard. There are many Cat Owners Community website wherein you will get to hear numerous stories like these.

Are you for real??

It is not as such that your cat will be sleeping all the time. The moment a cat snaps out of the sleep, it spends about 30% of its time in grooming itself. So brace yourself to witness some of the crazy cat gymnastics coupled with the cutest poses you might have ever seen. There are also people, who believe that the owners of cats take on some of the traits of their cuddly kitties. If this belief is true, then it is possible that your date with take longer time t gets ready. But, if you date cat lovers, it comes with its benefits:

• Study shows that cat lovers are more modest and less manipulative than others, and they also are more trustworthy.

• It is seen suggested that owning a pet cat can have positive calming effect and is effective in lowering your stress levels.

• Cat owners are also more chilled out in comparison with other people.

Cats freak you out??

Let us be very honest, if your date loves cats and you are just not into them, then you might be in trouble. For most of the pet owners and lovers, their pet is a crucial part of the package. They are non-negotiable and an important member of the family. Also, when you love somebody, you need to accept them the way they are and for who they are. So if a cat is what they are into, you will have to cope up with the same, try and talk to your partner and find a middle ground.

Let us just pause for a moment!!

If you are struggling to impress the ladies and this is the reason for you being single, then here is a secret for you. Cats can be a way to a woman’s heart. A majority of women admitted that they were more attracted to animal loving men. A huge 90% of women think that men who have a cat as their pet are nicer guys in comparison to other guys who do not own a cat. So click yourself with your furry companion and post it on your profile, but remember that a cat is for a lifetime and not just till you find a date!

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