Is Digitalization killing humans ?

I have an app to book a cab.

I have an app to book a ticket.

I have an app for buying groceries.

I have an app for buying milk, bakery products, find people who I can date and what not.

My phone is filled with apps for social media, apps for improving efficiency, apps for this, apps for that.

We still have to use our hands to wash our bum. There is not yet an app for it. Let’s wait and watch for that one too.

Before I go off track, let me tell you how we did all of these chores when there were no apps.

I bought the milk from the milkman. Went to shops, met the owner, bargained with him and brought home an appliance after having checked with people on the phone for reviews. We met people for coffee, tea and had food, we did not take photos of them specifically to put them in an app. Reel photos meant we remembered more about the event even after years.

Finding an auto was tough, you had to wait and put your hand out to every auto, get bullied and then get on with convincing him to come 100 more metres to pick up the elders who could not walk much. But now it’s done at the touch of a button. Revolution indeed.

Every app has made our life easy. Everything is now at the touch of a button. We have games for kids, to make them eat, sit , sleep and do much of everything else. Show them an app, a video, game etc, that is how its done now.

All this is making us lesser humans and more robots…We are losing that precious trait of meeting people, taking to them.

As kids, we had human interaction playing in roads. Now kids interact over Pubg or someother random game.

As kids we met friends to have fun, now we meet friends to take photos.

As kids we knew the bakery uncle, milkman, auto uncles at school; chatting with bus conductors on long journeys was common. When we met at functions we played with each other.

Now everything is slowly going away. Human interaction is reduced at each step. The next generation of kids shall have no idea how to interact with people, how to take no for an answer, how to handle criticism, how to handle groups of people.

Bet there shall be an app or a game that teaches us how to behave in groups.

Is this not a dangerous sign ? Is this not ringing any bells of alarm in any one’s head?

This loss of human interaction; interesting stories to tell kids on how we goofed up, how we played, shall all be lost in a game of single click apps, social media apps and so on…