An insight into Punj Lloyd’s Plant and Machinery

The global EPC giant Punj Lloyd has a state of the art manufacturing facility. It is housed with cutting edge machines and defence systems in Gwalior on a 65 acre land. The company has the following divisions under its ‘Plant and Machinery’:

Water Jet Cutting Machine
It is 5 Axes CNC Profiling Machine with a bed size of 6m x 3m. It enables cold cutting of any known material. The depth of cut can be up to 160mm with an accuracy of 100 microns per metre. It offers repeatability of 30 microns and max cutting speed is 25m/min.

Turn Mill
It is a turning center with live axis for milling operations with a choice of 8 tooling stations. It has an X Z Axis — 210 x 610 mm and a Y Axis ± 60mm. the machine has a swing over saddle of 360mm diameter. It offers repeatability of 3 microns and 5 Arc seconds. The feed rate is 6 meters/minute.

Mill Turn
It has a bed size of 1.2 x 1.2 x 1 m and capacity of 5 tons. It offers repeatability of 3 microns. It can be used as a VTL for sizes up to 1m3 and is capable of handling metals from Aluminium to Titanium.

Horizontal Machine Centre

It has a table size of 3m x 2m with stroke XYZ 5m x 2.5m x 3.2m. It has quill axis of 700mm and XY & Z axes linear roller for high accuracy.

Double Column Gantry Machine
It has a 5 Axis Double Column Gantry Machining Center, Colgar. The bed size is 8 x 3.5 m. It has 5 interchangeable heads and offers repeatability of 3 microns. It helps moving cross beam capable of machining operation on five faces of a cuboid in a single setting.

Floor Type Machining Centre
It is a Floor Type Machining Centre, PAMA with table size 5x1.5m with rotary table of 1.6m diameter. The stroke XYZ is 8m x 2m x 1m and quill axis is 700 mm. It has a 2 T/m2 carrying capacity table and XY&Z axes’ repeatability is 3 micron.