Atul Mickey Punj, Chairman of Punj Lloyd accompanies Narendra Modi in the India — UK CEOs Forum along with other industrialists

A lot was being said about Indian PM Narendra Modi when he was about to embark on a visit to the UK. Politicians of opposition parties criticized this visit and termed it as a useless ‘travel’ even before it could commence. They protested that Modi was wasting time and evading issues of national importance that demanded his attention. Few went a step ahead and questioned his foreign trip citing the cost the country would have to incur. But our PM, being determined as always, went ahead with the trip. The results of this trip to the UK were good, for both the countries, remarks Atul Mickey Punj, who was one of the business tycoons present in UK during the visit.

In three days, 27 deals amounting to £9-billion were sealed between the two countries. Deals were signed for various sectors including energy, finance, IT, education, logistics and health sector. But more than the deals, what this visit has achieved for India is the revival of cordial relations with the UK. Ever since David Cameron came into power six years ago, he had been trying to maintain healthy relations with India. This visit from Indian PM has ascertained that the feeling is mutual.

With UK being the largest European investor in India and India being the second largest investor in the UK, it had became imperative for the two countries to reach a better accord, especially when Indian economy is on a growth trajectory.