Lack of design thinking leads to a compromise in quality, says Atul Punj at IDF

Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” — Steve Jobs

That the design of a product is paramount is needless to say. It’s the first thing that garners attention. A major factor in the popularity of any product is its designing. The world for the longest of the times has been placing a lot of attention on the designing. Contrary to what many might assume, designing is not just about aesthetics but an amalgamation of usability, quality and aesthetics. Coming through ages, Innovations have had design at the core of their essence. Atul Punj, Chairman of Punj Lloyd Group, bolsters the basic idea of blending innovative designs with infrastructure. He emphasizes on the need and importance of design thinking in the infrastructure sector.

Atul “Mickey” Punj remarks that the lack of design thinking has more than often led to a compromise in the quality, usability and sensibility of India’s public spaces and infrastructure. “In a nation that is urbanizing as rapidly as ours, it’s critical to find new ways to meld with design infrastructure development.” , he says.

Mr. Punj has a great inclination towards art and considers it as a source of inspiration. His admiration for art inspired him to be an integral part of the India Design Forum. Such events act as an impetus to the Indian Design industry which over years has evolved to encompass the intricacies of product designing and has crafted various products with exquisite designs.

Atul Punj’s passion for design inspires him to encourage and motivate skilled designers who are a great potential source of innovation in the infrastructure sector.