The Great Divide: Who You See is not the Real Me

Great Divide by The Cardigans

The alternative rock group The Cardigans plays Great Divide, which is a melodic song that sounds like a Tim Burton nursery rhyme or a jack in the box that plays a darker tone and holds, hiding in the shadows, a sinister clown ready to spring. From its opening line, “There’s a monster growing in our heads,” you get the feeling that below the surface, things are not as they should be.

This song, to me, illustrates the great tension that exists between the depths of the human heart and the façade of the human persona. Who I am to you is not who I am. This war between the ideal and the real, between the unknown and the shown, between what is below and what is seen on the surface causes great anxiety as the gap widens and slowly tears away at the fabric of our human condition.

We can deny our brokenness and continue to live in a delusional state or we can stand in the great divide and embrace and accept both people that dwell inside of our soul. It is only in acknowledging and becoming aware of them that God can begin the process of reconciling them back together and restoring us to a whole person again.

God loves both people that live inside of our hearts and minds. He stands on both sides of the great divide and with a loud proclamation says, “Behold, I am making all things new!” (Rev. 21:5) It is only for us to live into that reality.

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