Breaking the monotony

I can’t help going back in time, to the memories of a comfortably stagnant life. A life that was free from the grapple of procedures, systems and most of all a discomforting pace. You never knew how effortlessly the monotony could be broken. Be it the surprise showers pleading you to take a while, to stay with yourself, or random walks leading to some ice cream. Life broke monotony on its own, maybe because we weren’t bound by too much of information, there weren’t too many things to focus on, cluttering the perspective of what life was supposed to be, a wonderful journey where the course of events could pleasantly surprise you, proving that there was always something more. Technological backwardness had made us comfortably ignorant by default. Ignorant enough to not pay attention to the little things.

Life was simple to operate. A few buttons, a humble control wheel, lesser needs, a slower pace to move in order to reach sustenance. Who knew the flash of well-being would be ruined by the promise of progress? Who knew the simple to operate life, would complicate itself so much that we’d have to completely turn our heads around it, with everyone trying to make their own ends meet in different ways.

Breaking the monotony would be uncomfortable now as that would mean missing out on an over-connected world, or missing out on your next EMI installment. There are so many buttons, gears, clicks, swipes to control the course of life, with the future showing us newer dreams of materialism, making us willingly descent into the quicksand that feels like a comfortable embrace but is truly shutting us off, locking us in a monotony.

There’s no more a rainy day that you can dedicate to yourself by skipping work as that would mean, being available on call or through a screen. Who wants long walks when you can order the ice cream and have it while taking your favorite getaway of a TV show from the comfort of your couch.

It’s all become monotonous, procedural, technological (mechanical). Still there are times, when you wake up, wanting to pull the emergency switch to break the monotony, to take some time to catch your breath amidst the constant sprint and so as a last resort you call in sick for work and break the monotony by the adventurous deed of getting some extra weekday sleep.

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