Eat in order….to control blood sugar response.

Most people can name many things that have a big impact on our health, say doing 100 push ups a day or eating up to 5 brazil nuts a day. What they may not know is that the order we eat our food has a big effect on how our body processes it, and it’s an easy change to do daily, which can have a profound impact on our health, they may not mention that. What is it?

If we eat our carbs first, then our blood sugar will spike and we all know how important it is to avoid this as much as possible, there are some people thinking that insulin response is the single most important thing to avoid. but if we ate our protein and veg first it won’t spike so much. How much?

Well a recent Study found that 30 minutes after eating protein first as opposed to carbs, blood sugar was 30% lower. 60 minutes it was 37% lower. 90 minutes it was 17% lower, big impact.

What does this mean in real life? Let’s say we are going to eat a chicken pasta dish. Eating the chicken first then the pasta would have a big impact on our blood sugar, reducing the spikes and sugar crashes that lead to another spike, more data and testing is needed but you could take that rule and say eat some nuts before a cultural family high carbohydrate meal like a chip butty at the beach.

This is the basis of the GI index. The GI index stands for The Glycemic index, this index ranks foods on impact on blood glucose levels. The lower the score the slower they are digested, absorbed and metabolised causing a lower and slower rise in blood glucose (sugar) and as a result, insulin levels.

All of the food we eat, everything, including fats, proteins and carbohydrates are broken down during digestion into proteins, micronutrients and glucose. our bodies use the proteins and nutrients in cellular metabolism, immune function, and cell replacement. our bodies use glucose as its basic fuel which is carried by the bloodstream to individual cells, unless your currently Ketogenic

Our demand for fuel varies from moment to moment depending on what we are doing or going to do or have done, but our brains need our blood sugar level to remain stable. So getting the cells the energy they need without changing that level is a critical function and that’s the role that insulin plays. Insulin signals the cells to absorb glucose from the bloodstream. The body monitors what we’ve digested, blood sugar levels, and cell demands, and releases insulin in just the right amounts. That’s why a healthy body is described as “insulin sensitive.” You may have heard of insulin resistance? insulin resistance is pre diabetic, don’t be put off reading because you don’t have diabetes, this simple thing effects everyone and I have a feeling it will only be discovered to have more importance that we know at the minute.

As always it’s best to do your own research and own test, so why not pick up a blood Glucose kit? Diabetics use these all of the time but having it as a tool you use to check your blood response after your favourite meals, then making any changes that would benefit, should be an important part of your health protocol.

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