Why can’t I just eat what I want, when I want?

**Warning, personal blog post ahead.

**Proceed with caution**

I wrote something similar to this recently..(why do I have to be normal?) It summarised what others have had said to them against their healthy choices and lifestyle’s… but It keeps cropping up in my house, time and time again. I’m scrutinised for wanting to better myself and for wanting to educate but not discriminate against those who don’t know about healthy eating. By the people who’re meant to love and care for me, my family. So, I really wanted to share with you some of the problems I’ve had..

I’ve written so many articles on my personal battle with eating healthily and countless articles include my family and close friends asking “why don’t I eat ‘normally’?” It sort of explains problems that people have had with others judging their eating habits and healthy lifestyle choices..like that’s a bad thing to eat healthily, it really happens though!

“What do others think of me?”

So, I was sitting around the house thinking “What do others think of me?” They say these really upsetting things, but why? yeah, I’m that girl..the one that worries what others think of her, I’d be lying if I said it didn’t bother me. So, I was thinking of how people perceive me, I’m on a new diet every other week, I test new recipes… meaning weird recipes involving a lot of vegetables, and I love testing them to find the diamonds in the rough.. but, all of these strange things have an effect on ‘who’ I am to others, how they perceive me.

Sometimes I say yes to junk food, sometimes I say no… that’s my choice, it doesn’t mean I’m starting diet or I think I’m fat or even that I don’t like junk food.
Sometimes I want junk food, because some forms taste great, but mostly I don’t like it because the majority of it is awful on my stomach and makes me feel crap, it ruins my hard work and it makes me feel like an awful ambassafor of this site.
Do they think that I’m the girl;
Who’s obsessed with her weight?
Who exercises far too often? Who eats weird foods, like butternut squash fries and gluten free cakes.
Who can’t eat any of those things, so don’t offer them to her.
Who can’t make up her mind on what diet she’s on.
Who’s not ‘individual’ enough to state whether she’s vegan, pescetarian or gluten free?

But I’m only doing this to make it easier for others to choice what’s best for them..but, do you see what I mean? I walk into the party and I’m immediately accosted with

“Oh, what will you eat?” from the family who don’t understand , not from lack of trying may I add, my diet testing. How about being constantly offered junk food so you ‘get them off your back’ and lapse and eat some.. then the next time they’ll either get angry when you say “no thank you” to the 3rd portion of fish and chips your partner has ordered this week or they’ll not offer it because they assume something of you.

Oh and yes, I really do like exercise.

Some people do! not just because we want to ‘burn fat’ but because we like the buzz, we like to challenge ourselves and we love to win! We like to work harder than we did last week and we really do like to ‘feel the burn’.
You know that ache you get after you’ve been walking all day? We thrive on that, it means we’ve stretched our muscles and we’ve achieved something. It’s like chocolate to us. That doesn’t mean we’re addicted or we’re gym freaks, sometimes we just want to get a way from the world and run, dance or train.

So, please don’t speak for me! Don’t restrict my eating habits to put me into a box; I’m not a Vegan, I’m not a vegetarian, I’m not Gluten free and I’m definitely not on a diet.

I’m just me, looking for the most suitable way for me to eat healthy foods without restricting essential nutrients in my diet. Whether that means treating myself to a cake because I’ve had a rough day and I could do with a sugar rush, or whether it means I’ve had a rough day of eating carbohydrates and I just want some fresh veg for dinner let me eat what I want!
Sorry, I’m rambling and I sound a tad frustrated,because I am, but I just wanted to say… I love chocolate, I love cake and I love sugar, I indulge in them, quite often! So for me to yo-yo away from sugar foods seems really normal considering I eat so much of them. However..Everyone has the right to eat what they want, when they want it.

Never feel judged, never feel like you can’t and never say no to cake if you want it!

*Whimsical MIC DROP*


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