What? Why are you implying I do not admit any other opinion except my own?
Hakkab jälle peale.

I admit your opinion, listen to you and tell you, that you are wrong, its you trying to tell me what i have to do, knowing nothing about Russian Federation. Its i live in Russia, we saw both sides of US, that one you shown us to convince we to stop cold war and that one who you are in the fact. US is the copy of the Soviet Union, its communist party became one party in the form of democrats and republicans in US, all the bad totalitarian features, its stuck in the past. As citizen you are satisfied, US itself is not a bad country, people, same was Soviet Union, but you helped the terrorists and nationalists of all kind to make conflicts here. We lost lots of people in it, it was kind of robbery, scientists, industry, technologies now works for US companies. US just continued war in those times and killed innocent people, thats the price of trust to US. Now there no trust, there is only understanding what is US on the fact. US stuck in the past and promotes its totalitarian power over the planet. Its bad sign, US became that type of state it was afraid most of all.

Crimean people used their own right to decide how to live after an armed nazi coup in Kiev, which was made by a small part of Ukrainian people, whose express of will was not made from the name of all 40 millions of ukrainians. So why you prohibit expressing of will of Crimeans? Crimean people are much more patriotic than continental russians, Crimea before 1990 year was in administrative subordination on Ukraine, but not territorial, so it was kind of mistake made by crime-Eltzyn and Gorbachev, it shouldn’t be given to ex-republics while USSR-collapse.

Georgia attacked UN-peacekeepers in 2008, with then starting firing with weapons of mass destruction the South Osetia city Tzhinval, this is the result of investigation of UN Commission.

You demonstrate poor knowing of history and Russian Federation, and based on nothing or simply lie you draw conclusions.

US betrayed agreement of stopping NATO expansion. More than 25 years gone, there is no USSR, but NATO still exists and expanded up to our borders. Can you believe if Russian armed forces were stating in Mexica or near California? No, but US do it. So there is no trust to US. And you are telling here about Russian aggression, while Russia is in its borders and NATO now is right on Russian borders.

Please educate yourself. Lets live in peace!