Arrest the parents and charge them with child molestation, child porn, child neglect and child…
Daro Weilburg

If you had the surgery it does not make you a real man or a real woman. A real woman has gone through may trials in life. These new creatures have given birth to little deceivers, monster (Frankenstein’s monster) because everyone wants to be approved by society. If you have not given birth, had a menstrual cycle, miscarried a child or have a real uterus then you are not a real woman. Doesn’t matter how much hormone shots you take you will never become what is so far from the real deal. Woman to become a man must know how to create life inside a real woman and if you try to tell a real woman that you are a man and you can not create life in her womb then you are nothing but a deceiver and the same goes for the false woman. Stop creating liars people. Parents need to stop follow the crowds. Is your child not worth our Heavenly Father’s love? Must you entertain the false lying masses? They will do nothing but bring your soul into judgment when you stand before God on your day. Is that what you want for your child? Is your child’s soul worth damnation?

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