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Aphinya Dechalert
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A comprehensive walkthrough

Fullstack DevOps is one of those titles that many recruiters and job post listings throw around with large salary tags attached to them. Then you click into one and find yourself swimming in a sea of acronyms. You’re not quite sure if it’s a really bad joke, or that the recruiter is just trying to cover every programming language and cloud service provider in existence.

This leads to the question: what exactly do you need to become a fully functional fullstack DevOps developer?

Starting With The Basics: Cloud Computing

Everyone knows what cloud computing is but not at the same time. It’s one of those mysterious…

PINNED & UPDATED WEEKLY (Last updated Monday, 19th July 2021)

Bringing to your attention the week’s crème de la crème

Let’s get real — stories can easily get lost on Medium. That’s why I’ve created this page to help you keep track of all the latest, trending, and throwback articles published right here on HashMap.

Rather than publishing a weekly update (which may get lost in your feed), I’m keeping it to this single page so that you can refer back to it easily — a sort of mock index of stories and any other interesting findings across the web.

Without further ado, here are this week’s stories:

This Week’s Stories So Far…

It is week 10 of my 10-week challenge. I’ve got a few…

There’s more to it than just learning to code

Throughout my career as a developer, I’ve exhibited varying degrees of hubris — the good bulk of it at the beginning of my journey. I was the cocky junior dev, filled with over-confidence, and somewhat overly zealous advocation of things I thought I understood.

It happens to all of us — especially in our early days when we think we know it all. In reality, it is just the Dunning Krueger effect doing its glorious cycle on our egos and readjusting us towards reality. This is because when we start out as developers, we’re like children — full of fantasies…


A quick rundown guide without the lingo and frills

Docker. It’s a little blue whale with a container sitting on its back. We hear about it from various places but it’s usually just left to the DevOps guy to deal with.

Or perhaps you’ve tried to pick it up out of curiosity. So you start with Google and the amount of information returned just feels overwhelming. In this piece, we’re going to go over what Docker is, how it works, and the differences between a Docker container and a virtual machine.

What is Docker?

Docker is a development platform and a virtualization technology that makes it easy for us to develop and…


An open letter to the guys with 200 years of experience

I write a lot. Like, a few thousand words a week kind of a lot. It’s my side gig/hobby. It’s also how I unravel, rearrange my thoughts, and grow.

Sometimes it’s code-related. Sometimes it’s not. Sometimes, I get strange comments on my articles — comments that looks something like this:

The awkward part about this comment is that the article was about JavaScript immutability — nothing to do with Java at all.

Every now and then, people like this crop up in the comment section. Sometimes, it’s obvious that they’ve mistaken the context and intention of the piece. …


A concise reference list

We’ve all done it — deleted a file we shouldn’t have, merged things that aren’t supposed to be on the main branch, accidentally pushed up sensitive information, committing to the wrong branch…

GIT is fantastic when things go as planned — but not so much when it comes to undoing whatever mistake it is you made. In part, it’s because GIT is version control. The point is that you’re not supposed to be making changes to the past once a change has been committed.

But accidents and unintended acts of GIT commits happen. …


Don’t do it, unless you’re an actual coding noob and want to stay like this forever

We’ve all encountered dev memes at some point. The point of memes is to reflect on reality in some form in a humorous manner. Maybe I’m just overthinking it. Maybe I’ve reached a particular point in my coding career to not find them funny anymore. But there’s one meme that annoys me more than any other.

It’s this one:


Don’t worry. I’m not going to tell you to start a blog.

So, you’ve got a day job. But you’re starting to feel drained from it. Or perhaps you just feel stuck in your code — unable to learn anything new or feel that spark that you once had.

You also need/want a bit of cash on the side for whatever reason — to escape your 9 to 5, to start investing in crypto, to run away into the world of remote work but don’t have the courage just yet because you want a sense of security.

Whatever your reasons, here are 7 money-making side projects you can do as a developer.

1. Shopify App/Themes


The art of balancing buzzwords with reality

‘Agile development’ are two words that can strike two polarizing feelings in the hearts of developers. In one corner, it’s a sinking feeling of hell no’s with a bubbling sense of internal panic. In the other corner, a group of rogue and new-age devs jump with excitement and glee.

From experience, it’s hard to find a dev that’s in-between.

Why is there so much hate and love for agile? Especially in the software development scene?

In part, it’s because of how agile is executed — and how well the code itself is set up for agile development processes and thinking.

Legacy monoliths are not made for agile


5 steps to unravel messy, spaghetti and bolognese saucy code

The words ‘legacy code’ often conjures up the image of some ancient relic from a bygone time where software development lived in waterfall plans, clunky Java-based interfaces, and strange creations that whispers I am old and riddled with security vulnerabilities.

React, Angular, Vue, and Node.js are supposed to be the young, cool, and hip things that are supposed to save us from all that. Startups are using it left, right, and center. Entire businesses are built on JavaScript nowadays — frontend, backend, and all the way to cloud infrastructure orchestration.

But that’s the thing — it’s JavaScript, and JavaScript has…

Aphinya Dechalert

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