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Aphinya Dechalert
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Tales from the inside and how to make git commit templates for better commit messages

Image composed by Aphinya Dechalert

We’ve all used git in some form or another. The code versioning system is an industry staple. With over 40 million users worldwide and 190 million repositories on GitHub, git is here to stay.

While the concept of git is easy - pull your code, do whatever, save, add, commit…


We’ve all done it — but the question is, are you still coding it?

Image by Aphinya Dechalert.

JavaScript is easy — especially if you’ve already got programming knowledge and experience through another language. Many newbies and veteran developers encounter JavaScript out of necessity. A good portion of the Internet runs on some form of JavaScript. The frontend has its frameworks and libraries such as Angular, React, and…


And following your passion is mostly overrated

Image composed by Aphinya Dechalert.

There is a myth that we must work ruthlessly towards a singular passion in life to achieve happiness and success. We idolize this concept through people like Elon Musk and Steve Jobs. We look at the highlight reels and capture their sound bites about following their passion.

In these circumstances…


there’s more to it than just typing out the code

Image composed by Aphinya Dechalert

Shortcuts can make or break a developer’s productivity. It also turns out that Visual Studio Code comes with a pre-baked shorthand that lets you print out HTML code templates. This feature is mostly unknown to many beginner (and even veteran) users of VS Code. …


Is it 27? 35? or 49?

Maybe it’s subjective filtering but everyone seems to be coding nowadays. You’ve got kids learning to code in school and the older folks celebrating their wins on Twitter and LinkedIn. There are learn-to-code books for babies, tweens, teens, adult learners, hobbyists, and tinkerers. There are games, learning guides, hundreds of…


How code turned from ‘nerd’ to ‘cool’

Once upon a time, about a decade or two ago, anyone that did ‘things’ with computers was labeled as nerds. They were the folks that spent a good majority of their time hidden away from the public eye. …


There’s more to it than just typing in the question

Let’s get real — Googling is a skill, especially when it comes to dev work. Dev work is probably one of few industries that require the assistance of Google on a daily basis.

Yet, a good portion of us is not using Google to its full potential.

We just type…


Things the Internet and coding tutorials don’t tell you

Image composed by Aphinya Dechalert. Green monster by Lineartistpilot.

The Internet is a lot of things. It’s a teacher. It’s a resource. It’s a seemingly infinite and unstructured pool of knowledge and information.

It is also the space where React-based apps exist and thrives.

The little frontend library has taken the Internet by storm and is one of the…


Are you sacrificing your spark for a paycheck?

Let’s be honest — a dev’s paycheck is mostly decent, if not on the higher tier in comparison to other potential jobs you could be doing.

It’s also easy to get stuck in the rut of becoming comfortable. You wake up, (tele)commute your way into work, do some tippity tapping…


Great for practicing and learning

Image composed by Aphinya Dechalert

APIs are the bread and butter of building any app. It is the thing that makes data persistence possible. It is the data, the structure, and the thing that gives an app meaning and purpose for existing.

For many developers, especially newbies and those on the hunt for a new…

Aphinya Dechalert

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