On Sonic ‘06
Zolani Stewart

I’m enjoying the article so far, I just wanted to say before I forget that there is one inaccuracy I noticed that is important to a point made in this essay. It’s pointed out that “Silver’s story cannot be played until both Sonic and Shadow’s stories are completed,” but that’s not actually true. You have to begin the game as Sonic, and you can’t play as either other hedgehog until you unlock them, but they are unlocked as soon as they are encountered by either Sonic or either other main character previously unlocked. This means that the line “By the time we reach Silver we already understand that Mephiles is a villain with destructive intentions,” is not necessarily true if you start playing as Silver as soon as you unlock him with Sonic, or if you reach that point in Silver’s story before getting far enough along in either other story. Given that, “Sonic 06 is making a very specific judgement of him,” is not true for the explanation given, though most viewers of that scene will be making a judgement of their own on Silver for blindly following the guidance of an obviously malevolent being with no mouth who still manages to speak. I’m guessing most people who played enough of the game did play through all of Sonic’s story first before delving into the other hedgehogs’ stories, but that is entirely up to player choice.