5 Proven Tips To Master The Art Of Basic Chinese

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If you are one of those individuals who have decided to give Chinese language a shot, then it is natural for your friends and family to tell you to pick some other language up. Well it is true that Chinese is a hard language to understand, let alone speak it, write it and above all, master it. It takes people years to speak even the simple sentences without proper help or guidance of Chinese trainers or coaching classes. But as they say, where there is a will, there is a way. If you follow the right tips and go on the right path of language learning, then you can easily master the basic Chinese (and ofcourse advanced Chinese in the due course of time).

5 most effective tips:

1. Start with the basics

The first and most valuable tip to learn Chinese or for that matter any language is to start with the basics. It is important to first learn Pinyin which is a method to translate Chinese language into roman characters. Once you know Pinyin, then the rest of the process will become considerably easy. Moreover, make it a point to learn the tones of the language either through a language trainer or by downloading a
Chinese Flashcard app on your iPhone.

2. Make notes

Chinese language learning is not just about verbal proficiency but also written expertise. Whatever you learn, make sure that you make a note of it in a journal or a notebook. Write all words that you have learnt, all rules you need to keep in mind and other important learning keys for your reference and practice. Writing will give you a certain amount of confidence about your Chinese skills.

3. Interact with native speakers

Another proven tip for mastering basic Chinese is to interact with native speakers in Chinese as much as possible. Getting hold of Chinese natives may not be that easy, but whenever you get an opportunity, just grab it and start conversing. This will help you note your own little faults and will be a good practice session comparable to downloading a talking HSK app or flashcard app.

4. Listen to Chinese songs and watch Chinese videos

Another superbly effective way to learn Chinese and to master the basics of the language is to get your hands on Chinese music and movies. Try to understand what is being said or sung as this can prove to be a fun session of Chinese practice. Note down the words you don’t understand and try translating as much as possible.

5. Download a Chinese learning app

One of the most modern ways of learning Chinese is to download HSK app or Chinese flashcard app for iPhone. These apps are loaded with superb features that make the process enjoyable, fun and quick!
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