This Election was… Ehh,Whatever! I Gotta Get to Work!

Contrary to popular belief, life is not short.

Life is long as shit. That is if you pay attention. Spend time in the moments and not waiting on life to start. Being black it is really easy to wait for that moment that all of sudden the world will be equal for all and the opportunities will roll in like an avalanche. Newsflash! Life will never be equal. EVER. Not for black people, poor people, or women. This world will never be 100% fair.

The question I ask is why would you want it to be?

So last week Donald Trump became president and instantly all of social media blew up with comments of black people hysteria. “America is racist” or “Its black people’s fault because we didn't vote” or the greatest one “I’m moving to Canada!” I get it,not the ideal scenario at all. I didn't vote for the guy. Personally he sounds like the guy who talks the most shit in the club and cant understand how he got knocked out once he stepped outside. Again not the best case scenario for the country. However if Hillary won its not an overnight change for those who were a part of the struggle.

There an enormous amount of work to do. That doesn’t start with the president,that starts with you.

You have work to do.

Life is work,sometimes its fun, sometimes its not, but its work nonetheless. Those who work at life could give two and a half shits who the president is.Why? Because they determine their own lives and not the words of a 70 year old tangerine. (must be genetically modified, that’s it.) Those same people who work at life always become successful. Because they are constantly working to make life better and not make money. They live everyday working to make everyday better one day at a time. These successful people make life longer because they appreciate struggle. the challenge of making each day a success. Doing your best everyday regardless of the outcome knowing that it all adds to the overall goal, a better life.

For some the next four years will be difficult, a step backwards and even hell. Some are concerned if they will even be able to live here. But that’s life. One day you are on top of the world the next you are not even sure you are allowed to live on this planet. But these challenges define your life. and you can chose to fast forward till its over by whatever means or vices. Or you get to work everyday towards a long and great life.

New Slogan Alert!

Make Your Life Great Again!

You’re Welcome.

House of Foxx.