This is how I feel about you. We were never anything, nor will we ever be something. But yet I still feel that sometimes you got into that category: an “ex” of some sort. But the problem ( one problem) with that is that sometimes you still feel like a current or a constant. If feels like what we “have/had” isn’t over. Rather I don’t want it to be. And considering that comment you made that one time, neither do you. But of course we both probably have different opinions on what exactly we don’t want to be “over”. Not surprising though. If you ever were to try to attempt to understand my feelings you’d think I was crazy, if you had not already lost your sanity from trying to understand my insanity. I do agree with you though, I really hope so too, because if that did happen I’d be happy.

The ironic thing is that you weren’t even an almost. But you were/are a something. Trust me sweetheart, you definitely are something.

Maybe one day I’ll figure out what “something” is.

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