Being passionate and objective about your work (art)

Your work involves anything you invest time in, it involves your ideas coming to reality. It’s your art so therefore give birth to it accordingly. Without passion, you lose interest in the difficult and boring aspects of your work(art).

Take your art seriously with passion and objectiveness. You’re like a shepherd to your work.

Being passionate about your art involves being sensitive to constructive criticism.

Being objective about your art involves knowing when to filter out people’s opinion and tell them fuck off.

Being passionate about your art involves having an abundance of energy invested in it.

Being objective about your art involves the strict rigor to self criticize your mistakes and move on

Being passionate about your work means being innovative, changing the domain of.

Being objective about your work is to give it the credibility it deserve and need.

Passion and Objectiveness is a ying-yang concept to your work. This concept can evolve your work to a higher plane of creativity in your field.

Strike that balance!
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