How to Market your Brand like Vybz Kartel.

What does it mean to Market your brand like Vybz Kartel?

Stay Relevant

Despite Kartel being behind bars for many years, he continues to stay relevant with new music. Feeding his fans and listeners alike. So for brand stay relevant in the public’s eye (or whoever you’re targeting)is crucial. People will determine the success and failure of your brand. Create controversy surround it. Create something worthwhile that emulates your brand.

Be consistent with your craft; better yet — elevate higher

Kartel worked hard on his music craft, no doubt about that. He aimed to be consistently great and add more layers to it. For your brand, whatever you produce and ship to your customers MUST be consistent. If it falls short, you’ll lose a customer, and hence profits.

Try to give a little more in your brand that will WOW your customers.

Re-invent your Brand

Kartel re-invented his image from association with a wide-cross section of people. You could never predict him. From Black Kartel, to brown Kartel.

Re-inventing your brand means “Not going Stale”. Anything stale is not healthy, it is not sexy, and it is not in demand.

Your brand is like bread — Hot, warm and aromatic that will draw people, however overtime, it will get hard, tough to chew plus mold will grow on it. So the next step is to bake another bread (enhance the brand).

Leverage partnerships.

Kartel understood business. He leveraged partnerships to enhance his brand by associating himself with a Night Club, Condoms, Alcohol, a Reality TV series and more. This added dimensions to his brand.

The key to marketing your brand is knowing who you’re willing to associate it with that will yield maximum success (whether profit, exposure etc). Do partnerships with people you trust.

Leave a Legacy

Kartel left a legacy that is timeless by writing a book. Books are timeless and to market your brand like Kartel involves dabbling in the book industry.

You can share your memoir, you can share your business tips, you can share whatever comes to mind that associates with your brand.

Start today and market your brand like Vybz Kartel.

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