Pursue riches & avoid Poverty

To “Pursue” and to “Avoid” is the main focus. It is the process that gets you from point A to Point B. It speaks about ethics, habits, being consistent or not, procrastinating your dreams, and it also speaks about tunnel vision.

Pursuing riches is human nature.

We all want to elevate from lesser beings to higher! Riches don’t have to be money, power or fame. It is all relative to the person but most of us are “pursing” riches half heartedly. We kinda want it.

Define what it means to be “rich” for you then make a habit out of it. Baby steps.

Rich can be good, consistent health. Rich can be a proper education. Rich can be self actualization. Rich can be having a firm moral compass. Rich can be knowing right from wrong. Rich can be leadership for the greater good.

Are you avoiding poverty ? How are you avoiding it?

  • Are you putting yourself against the wall and fight ?
  • Are you breaking bad habits and creating new ones?
  • Are you taking baby steps towards a goal?
  • Are you putting your all?

Poverty is a mindset. Don’t confuse the economic scope of poverty but the effects it can bring. Poverty can leave you embarrassed, yet it teaches you grit and being resourceful towards riches. Poverty is dirty. It deludes your dreams from being attainable.

Poverty is the base, and with that — the destination is up. Poverty can make or break a person, and surprisingly riches can do the same.

A relatively “poor” man may be happier than a rich man. The end of the day, how are you living your life from poverty to riches?

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