Surprise! Surprise! Marketer’s guide in Exceeding Expectations

Co-Author — Candise Bulli, Student Marketer Queen CB

I asked Candise to collaborate with me on a Marketing post because I admire what she has done with various projects. She’s proactive.

She was rambling around with ideas until she said something that could be this post —Marketing tip: Exceeding expectations.

“I feel like if you’re building a brand, your main aim should always be exceeding expectations” — Queen CB

She’s right! If your customer wants a product in 5 days, push beyond that and try to deliver it within 4 days. Small acts like that can mean a lot for your customers and also mean continuous sales for your business.

“If you surprise your customer with quality, the price won’t matter” — Jeffery Gitomer, Salesman.

Exceeding expectations have an array of benefits such as:

  • Putting yourself above the rest within a saturated, and over crowded market.
  • Producing quality for your customers.
  • Getting referrals for your business.
Question: How are you surprising your customers today?
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