What I learned at my Internship at Heineken

Today is my last few days interning at Heineken. For the last 2 and a half months I’ve been part of the Heineken Trade Marketing team, pursuing a Commercial Planning internship.

My internship experience has been really overwhelmingly amazing; filled with opportunities for personal and professional growth. It’s been so amazing that I felt the need to write this article.

Disclaimer: A lot of what I’ve been working on is confidential so I’m sharing only what I can.

1. Think of the “End” in mind; know what you want to achieve at the end of the internship

From the get-go, I’ve had written plans and goals of what I wanted to achieve during my internship. I also shared it with my team members for transparency so they can assist me in achieving them.

This made assigning valuable projects to me easier; instead of just filling papers and getting coffee.

2. Don’t be afraid to ask questions nor ask for help

Set aside your ego and learn to ask for help from persons more experienced. Asking for help shows your curiosity and passion for learning.

3. Show genuine interest in the company

4. Be a problem solver

It’s better to solve the issues at hand rather than nagging about it. Being a problem solver is an invaluable skill any company can appreciate.

5. Exercise your responsibilities and exceed them; Perks will follow

I’ve exceed my responsibilities and was given roles outside my department. This allowed me to visit different aspects of Jamaica as a tourist, stay at various top hotels and attending an array of events. It’s a good feeling really!

6. Socialize with everyone — From the receptionist to the bathroom cleaner to the Managing Director

This soft skill builds on your leadership. It’s being able to draw influence from all walks of life to complete a task or assist with a project.

Leadership = Influence = Social impact

7. Learn to appreciate people’s differences and lifestyle

This appreciation stems from the value each person brings based off their differences. This can add diversity to a creative idea. This can inject energy into a dying culture and stir stimulating discussions.

Tip: Adapt to your environment but stay true to who you are. Meet people with different perspectives, but don’t lose sight of your values.

8. Have a proper breakfast; your body is a temple so you need to sustain it everyday.

9. Outside of work, learn to invest in yourself.

Special thanks to @TeikaSamuda and the rest of team for an amazing internship experience. I learned a lot; it’s an understatement!